Bangladesh and the Sea
From Seafarers to Shipbreaking
Bangladesh Marine Academy exemplifies its rich history of Seafarers. The Shipbreaking Industry brings recycled steel and jobs but still needs oversight. The Atlas Initiative aims to further both.

Who We Are

The Atlas Initiative is Dedicated to Bangladesh’s first Ocean Going Vessel Owner Sanaullah Chowdhury, Founder of Atlas Shipping

Our Initiatives

Green Ship Breaking

Transforming the Dirty and Dangerous Business of Ship Breaking

Shipbreaking is the process of dismantling an obsolete vessel’s structure for scrapping or disposal. Conducted on a dismantling yard, it involves a wide range of activities. From removing all the gear and equipment that are on the ships to cutting down and recycling the ship’s infrastructure. Shipbreaking is a challenging process, due to the structural complexity of the ships and the environmental, safety and health issues involved . Due to cheaper labour costs and fewer health and safety regulations that have to be followed, the developing world hosts the vast majority of ship breaking efforts.

Bangladesh Marine Academy

The Atlas Initiative and The Chowdhury Family is a proud supporter of The Bangladesh Marine Academy Scholarship Program.

The Atlas Initiative, dedicated to Sanaullah Chowdhury, is committed to being a champion for the Bangladesh Marine Academy and its graduates, promoting Bangladeshi maritime education and promising career development for the seafarers it produces.
"My father loved Bangladesh and had a passion for the Marine Academy and its graduates as well as making Shipbreaking safe. It is an honor to continue the path of my father through the Atlas Initiative."
Asifur Chowdhury, Founder, The Atlas Initiative
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The Atlas Initiative focuses on the Bangladesh Marine Academy and the Country’s Shipbreaking Industry. Dedicated to the Memory of Sanaullah Chowdhury, Founder of Atlas Shipping