The Bangladesh Marine Academy

The Atlas Initiative and The Chowdhury Family is a proud supporter of The Bangladesh Marine Academy Scholarship Program. 

Bangladesh is Rich In Maritime History

Bangladesh has always had a rich maritime history. Over 90% of the country’s goods are transported over its inland waterways, making shipping and its seafarers an important part of Bangladesh culture. Bangladesh’s maritime reputation became even stronger as ocean going vessels became part of its national identity.

Since colonial times, Bangladeshi seafarers have been proud ambassadors of their people and nation. Before the partition of India, some 50,000 hard working Bangladeshi seafarers worked aboard British ships as well as other foreign flagged vessels all throughout Asia. Bangladeshi seafarers built a reputation as honest capable seamen, establishing themselves as one of their nation’s most valuable exports.
Ships moored off Chittagong in the late 1820s by Thomas Prinsep
Ships moored off Chittagong in the late 1820s by Thomas Prinsep (1800-1830) - British Library Website

The Bangladesh Marine Academy

Originally established in 1962 as the Mercantile Marine Academy in what was then East Pakistan, the Academy was abandoned during the Bangladeshi War of Independence. Immediately after Bangladesh’s liberation, Bangladeshi patriarch Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman reopened the Academy and renamed it as the Marine Academy. Bangabandhu then led its development to become a leading South Asia professional maritime educational institution.

Now Marine Academy Chattogram is recognized as one of the top branches of the World Maritime University for its academic excellence, good training, quality manpower production and overall performance. It has been on its White List since 2000.

Explore Chittagong and the Bangladesh Marine Academy in this video

Continuing the Tradition of Bangladesh Maritime Careers

The late Sanaullah Chowdhury, founder of Bangladesh’s Atlas Shipping Agency and first Ocean Going Vessel owner in the shipping industry of Bangladesh, was an active supporter of the Marine Academy. His Agency hired many Academy graduates as does his son Asifur Chowdhury’s Singapore based company, Seatrek. 

The Atlas Initiative, dedicated to Sanaullah Chowdhury, is committed to being a champion for the Bangladesh Marine Academy and its graduates, promoting Bangladeshi maritime education and promising career development for the seafarers it produces. One of the Chowdhury family’s favorite occurrences is watching the career journey of an Academy graduate that they hire and watching him rise from the ranks to become a ship’s Captain on one of their fleet vessels.
The Chowdhury Family actively supports the Scholarship Program at the Bangladesh Marine Academy.
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